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people have already found truly independent advice


WEBSITE will become totally renewed soon - please excuse any old/outdated info you find ! Brand new info and advice available directly as before :-)

Independent financial advice for ExPats

(Informationen auf DEUTSCH   finden Sie hier)

We offer for all ExPats living in Germany truly independent  financial advice of the highest quality for their needs regarding

-local and international insurances (especially health insurance),

- pension planning,

- investments

and also, when buying real estate, full services for acquiring good mortgage financing

Profound knowledge of the local law and international rules/regulations is of course of paramount importance for qualified financial advice. But for you as our client, the important benefit when employing our services is that we really care..... 
Proof for this cannot only be found in our daily work and through the references from very satisfied clients, but also through our constant and longtime participation at independent  platforms for Expats such as ToytownGermany.com or TalkMunich.com where we give loads of free information and advice to the Expat community in the "finance chat". Check for contributions made by "Starshollow" to learn more about how much we care on a day-to-day basis.

From the long experience of catering to Expats we also know that there is a strong demand to find comprehensive information about German insurances and finance in order to find your way through the maze of German laws and regulations yourself. This website tries to provide you with intensive,broad and always up-to-date information about all kind of insurance or finance issues which might be of concern or interest to you while living in Germany. Just skip through our information pages (you'll find them all listed under EXPAT Finance Advice) to get a first good overview and maybe find already answers to many of your questions. Or,  if you neither have the time nor the wish to read too much about all the German peculiarities in finance and just want a solution for your pending problem/inquiry at once and without further much ado, click here for a direct contact

 Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care!

       (Theodore Roosevelt)

Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie.  |  info@crcie.com