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Our team of independent financial advisors for Expats in Germany specializes in guiding Expats through the notoriously difficult German system, with comprehensive financial services and advice.  We pride ourselves in providing truly independent  financial advice of the highest quality, taking care to understand your culture and individual needs, regarding

For employers hiring expats, or foreign companies opening branches in Germany, we offer specialized Human Relations assistance for custom-tailored fringe-benefit and company pension programs.

Whether you’re currently planning to relocate to Germany,  have just landed in Germany or are already a long-term resident in Germany, we are here to give a fair assessment of your insurance needs and financial possibilities.

We understand the German system can sometimes be hard to understand, and with complicated rules. Fortunately, we specialize in understanding these rules and are happy to take the strain and frustration out of this task for you. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to information specific to your needs.

We hope the information provided here will give you a good overview of your options as an Expat in Germany – and we look forward to connecting you with your very own personal adviser sometime soon.  Because remember: we are the experts for Expats in Germany!