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CR&Cie is fully focussed on assisting Expats throughout Germany in all financial matters. We have offices in Munich  and Berlin and cater to clients all over Germany. A lot of our advice for you can easily be done by email, phone or Skype nowadays. Most financial institutions or sales companies in Germany might have a few advisers, at best, who speak English. They will try to target Expats as an addition, a second-thought to their core business – and usually they sell and do not offer independent advice. We, on the other hand, are specialists, exclusively assisting Expats – because Expats require a very different set of advice and strategies for both their financial needs and for navigating differences in cultural background. It is not just the language – financial advice for Expats is a field for experts! And we are THE experts for Expats in Germany!


With our diverse international team, we offer financial advice for clients in English, Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese and more, though our main language in dealing with clients is English. All our advisers have had extensive experience as Expats themselves – they understand your situation and needs from first hand experience, something we find very important. Because only with this personal experience can one understand others in the same situation fully and offer best support. You can meet our team and find the adviser of your choice here


Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Profound knowledge of local and federal German law, as well as international rules and regulations, is of great importance for qualified financial advice. This is something you can, and should always, expect from an independent adviser and broker. But for you as our client, the important benefit when employing our services is that we really care…..

With years of experience, we have a proven track record of giving fair, independent, and unbiased advice to clients. This is regrettably not too common in Germany, where financial advice is very poorly regulated (find more info about financial advice in Germany by following this LINK)

Our customer references say more about us than we ever could. For references from real clients you can read about us in a  neutral source of information, at our public advertisement page here on Toytown Germany where clients past and present are posting about their experience with us. This is, we think, more reliable than self-posted testimonials at one’s own website