Well, we sure hope you’ll make www.crcie.com your prefered website for everything that has to do with insurance and investment issues for Expats in Germany. It is our goal to offer ample and indepth information for all important insurance and finance topics that concern most if not all Expats in Germany.

But when you are comming to Germany or have arrived in Germany, you’ll see that there are many other issues that you might want to read or hear more about. A number of websites are offering just such information in different forms and ways and here is a list of our favourite ones:

Toytown Germany

This is the premier website in Germany for an exchange between Expats about a large number of topics. If you want to get first-hand info from people who have been there, done that and have the experience to prove it: this is your place to go.

Information is offered locally, regionally and according to certain topics. We ourselves are very much present and active in the „Finance Forum“ where our very own „Starshollow“ has written more than 3.000 contribtions in the past years since we started in 2006.

Toytown Forum overview

So, chances are that this website will basically answer all your questions..or at least guide you in the right direction. http://www.toytowngermany.com/

But do yourself a favour: before you write a new question, use the search function. Since this is a social forum where people spend their free time to offer info and advice to Expats, they can get really vicious if the same simple question is asked for the umptieth time even though the answer could have been found be investing a few minutes and the search function.



HTG pciture

This is a gem of a website if you look for a large number of written information that you can browse according to topics or interest. Every thing from B (as in business services) to W (like working) can be found there.

it is not interactive like Toytown – but some people prefer to do their own research and this would be a prime address to get started. http://www.howtogermany.com/


Slow-Travel-Berlin & Expath Berlin

Expath berlin

The German capital Berlin draws thousands of Expats to Germany. Both its vibrant cultural scene as well as the growing internet-start-up-scene are very attractive for Expats and therefore many of our clients are either residents of Berlin or planning on moving to Berlin when they contact us. Which is why it is no wonder that we have our very own Keith Tanner as local advisor present in Berlin – he can meet you anywhere in the city and help you with all insurance and investment issues. He has also been an author on SlowTravelBerlin, a relatively new and excellent website that offers specific information to the Expat-community in Berlin. Loads of well researched and equally well written info about Berlin. http://www.expath.de/  http://www.slowtravelberlin.com/


There are of course many more website for Expats like JustLanded, Internations etc.  But the above are our favourites. If you think that some other website HAS to be listed here as well (and if you can give us very good reasons) we are happy to do so. Just contact us