Immigration law /residence permit issues

Often Expats from outside the EU face serious problems with people at the immigration offices in that particular town or area of Germany where they are planning to have their residence.

We have been very impressed with the professional legal advice and services Anne Glinka is offering from Berlin to Expats everywhere in Germany. Often a sharp letter from her, quoting verse and chapter of the relevant laws to an immigration office worker who may not be on top of that particular subject,  are enough to solve an otherwise complex situation. By investing a reasonable fee (the fees for lawyers in Germany are all set by law, btw) you can save yourself a lot of troubles and headaches when you encounter unexpected resistance or road-blocks at your immigration office

Rechtsanwältin Anne Glinka
Ansbacher Straße 74
D-10777 Berlin
FON: +49 (0) 30 . 21 91 88 35
FAX: +49 (0) 30 . 21 91 88 36

We are still looking for other lawyers who can advise incoming Expats in legal matters around starting their own business. if you have any recommendations, let us know !