In contrast to many other countries, a financial advisor in Germany MUST NOT offer general tax advice. And insurance broker or financial advisor can (and should) inform clients about certain tax effects of an insurance, pension plan or investment they are contemplating…but that’s about it. Because our very own „Starshollow“ has a degree in International Taxation from Harvard Law Schoolour clients will receive every now and then some special tax information in direct relationship to insurance or investment issues from „Starshollow“ like his info about New capital gains tax in Germany starting 2009. However, other tax questions are out of our area of competence and license.

Since of course most of our clients do have some taxation issues when comming to Germany or even after already living in Germany for some time, we have a net-work of tax advisors. These are tax experts who, like we, are specialized in catering to Expats.



Finding good tax advisors for Expats is not easy. Our No. 1 recommendation for everyone, especially self-employed small bussinesses is Thomas Zitzelsberger and his EXPATTAX . 

A large number of our clients are very happy clients of his, too. his website already offers excellent info about German tax issues HERE

And Thomas offers his tax advice and services all accross Germany by email and phone with a good team in his office for support.

Thomas Zitzelsberger
Spitzelbergstraße 12B
81476 Munich
Tel.: 0049-89-92 13 13 96-0

If you have special recommendations for other tax advisors, especially for US-Expats, do please let us know, we are happy to add them to this listing…