At Chambervelt, Rooselain and Cie. we see it as our job to be your one partner for all issues concerning finance. We follow an entirely holistic approach, offering a 360° service for the financial advice you need. As a result of our long experience in financial advice, and intensive discussions with clients, we have developed our special “Dovetail Strategy Advice”. Financial advice in Germany from experts for expats – if this is what you were looking for, you’ve found it!

When coming to Germany you will find, or have already found, that things work very differently in finance here. It is good to have a partner at your side who knows where you come from, how things work back home and how this translates into what is required, offered or recommended in Germany. We would like to be this partner for you, and take the misery out of managing financial issues when moving to Germany.

As a first step we will always make sure that your main risks in life are properly covered with reliable insurance policies. In our first meetings we assess and evaluate your existing insurances and optimise or add insurances where necessary, to protect your livelihood and wealth in the future. Then we develop with you a strategy for investments which will include tax-optimised pension planning and well-diversified investment structures in order to generate stable and reliable profits over time.

Many expats decide, when they plan to stay longer, to buy real estate in Germany, either to live in or simply as a good investment for the future. While it is easy to find a real estate agent who speaks English, negotiating with German banks about a mortgage can be a real nightmare, especially for someone not used to the German way of doing business, which is very different than in the UK, Ireland or the US. As an independent mortgage broker, we can take care of this for you, and set you up with the necessary insurances as property owners and landlords.

Expats often come to us requesting tax advice. While we are qualified to give such advice, as we deal with tax issues every day, we are not allowed by German regulatory law to give general tax advice as we are not registered as tax accountants or advisers. Under the section “tax advisers for expats“ among our links on the expat page of this website you can find general information and links to tax advisers we feel are worthy of recommendation.