What do we mean by “holistic advice” here at Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie.?

Holistic advice - putting all puzzle-pieces together
Holisitc advice – putting all the pieces of the puzzle together

Most, if not all, issues in finance are interconnected. To be a true partner for a client, as an independent financial adviser should be, it is essential to cover the full scope of required services – the entire 360° of finance.

Offering advice only on one or a few investment products, and leaving important insurance issues aside, will lead to poor advice in the end. If something on the insurance coverage side has been overlooked, the client may have to sell an asset he has invested in for the long term at the worst possible moment, and at heavy losses, because he needs cash to cover a risk that could have been taken care of for a pittance earlier. Or if you help a client set up a great mortgage for the house of his or her dreams and have overlooked the need to set up decent income protection against critical illness or occupational disability, he/she may lose the house and everything else they have worked for in the process.

“For want of a nail… a kingdom was lost!” – this is exactly what we prevent by offering holistic advice strategies.

The first priority for everyone moving to Germany is usually to take care of insurance issues. This is especially true as it is usually the first thing immigration authorities or potential employers will ask about. As part of our holistic approach we will always start by evaluating your current insurance situation, well before discussing investment strategies or pension plans. Even the best and most profitable investments can turn into a terrible waste of time and money if at a later point you need to cash out in a hurry because of some unforeseen eventuality.

You can find some important information in the insurance section of this website. This is the starting point for all our dealings with clients. We will first explain what kind of insurance policies are really important upon arrival and which are good to have. We will also walk you through those needless and wasteful types of insurance which are often pressed onto unsuspecting expats by unscrupulous salespeople.

Of course at the end of the day we will have to determine with you what kind of risks you need to cover, depending on your individual situation and personality type. Some really are must-haves, however, even if they are not required by law.

Once you have established yourself in Germany, you may want to discuss options for pension planning. This is important as you pay taxes in Germany, and there are some interesting ways of reappropriating taxes into pension plans. This makes sense even if you just stay a couple of years in Germany. There are different plans available for employees and the self-employed, so let us guide you through this maze and help you to avoid making costly mistakes with some of the so-called “offshore pension plans“ that are often offered based on false information and hidden costs. Having said that, some offshore pension plans can still be of value, but you need fair and unbiased advice to make the right choice. You might want to consolidate pension plans from various jobs around the world, and we can help you with QROPS transfers to approved German or international schemes.

If you intend to stay longer in Germany, or if you bring over funds from sold property or prior investments, you might also want to discuss investment options. Financial advice step by stepWe are happy to offer our highly qualified strategic investment advice. All our team come from private banking and wealth management backgrounds, so this is a particularly strong area of expertise with us.

We can also help you find great real estate to invest or live in, as well as setting you up with a good mortgage to finance the purchase of it.

In short, we cover all essential finance needs for you, in one place, with one partner. Take the misery out of financial planning with Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. at your side.