Your goals become our joint investment strategy

Our priority is a fundamental understanding of your financial goals and beliefs, so that we can work with you to develop a custom-made investment plan tailored to your needs.

High-quality investment advice requires that we know about your life situation, ideas and priorities. Thanks to our “Dovetail” advisory approach, we are able to ensure this on a permanent basis and be able to provide you with serious recommendations for decisions on your assets on an ongoing basis.

Risk-adjusted asset planning

In investing, 96% of success is determined by the right strategy, and 4% by skillful timing or a felicitous hand in the selection of individual investments. Based on your risk profile, we develop an investment plan for you that will take you safely to your destination and enable you to sleep well even in difficult market situations.

We base our investment strategy on scientific findings…

… And focus on the factors that will have the greatest influence on the expected future performance of your investment:

  • Low costs: The lower the investment costs, the higher your return!
  • Diversification: The more individual stocks a portfolio contains, the lower is its unsystematic risk, a risk which must be avoided. The portfolios we recommend are globally oriented and highly diversified with well over 10,000 individual stocks.
  • The capital markets are efficient: Only a few succeed in working against the market and also hardly achieve consistently good results.
  • The use of smaller companies (small caps) and relative price strategies (value stocks): These factors increase the investment success and are proven by scientific studies on the current state of capital market research (see Eugene Fama three-factor model (Nobel Prize winner in economics) and Kenneth French).
  • Low turnover rate: Less is more! Fewer transactions mean lower transaction costs and higher tax efficiency.
  • Tax efficiency: A high turnover rate (realization of capital gains) and dividend payments have a negative impact on the post-tax return. Therefore, the post-tax return must not be neglected.

Invest scientifically and don’t let half-knowledge and speculation guide you!  We don’t promise what we can’t keep. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future market development – but neither can others, even if they claim to do so. Therefore, as your „personal trainer“, our task is to provide financial information and education, protect you from investment mistakes, reduce your investment costs and help you with portfolio structuring.

Take advantage of a strategy based on scientific research from leading U.S. universities such as Yale, Stanford, MIT and the University of Chicago and take advantage of the findings of Nobel Prize winners in economics such as Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller, William Sharpe, Myron Scholes and Eugene Fama.

Our investment advice process is based on your risk profile and your financial status. This enables us to develop an investment strategy for you that will bring you safely to your goal and enable you to sleep well even in difficult market situations – as described in our investment philosophy. And our remuneration is exclusively on a fee basis, depending on the volume of custody accounts entrusted to us. This eliminates intransparent cost structures that so often are at the core of commission-based advice. And it also takes out the typical negative incentives and temptations in advising you on different investment options that tarnish most commission-based advice.