At the beginning of any serious pension planning attempt for expats in Germany lie the following important questions:

1. How much pension do you want to have when you retire?

2. When do you plan to retire?

3. How much pension can you already expect from other pension plans or from capital/assets you have built up in the past?

In our daily experience, most people – and expats no different from Germans in this regard – have no clear idea or concept about their future pension. This is why we had this very simple tool for self-assessing your pension goals developed for our clients. It is nothing fancy and of course we as your financial advisor use somewhat more sophisticated software for our financial planning work. But we talked to a large number of expats and found that the questions this tool places in front of you are the ones you can most likely answer and thus they make a perfect first step into your pension planning. There are three simple steps which are explained in this tool which lead you from setting your pension goal to looking at what you have already done in the form of setting up pension plans and investing money into the end result: what do you still have to invest each month in order to meet your pension target later. Just click on the picture below and try it out yourself:

C R & Cie Pension PLanner "Light"
C R & Cie Pension PLanner „Light“

It is hopefully self-explanatory enough so that you can work things out yourself. If you would like our assistance or are not sure what to fill in where, do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help you!