Senior Advisor KEITH TANNER

Keith Tanner – Senior Financial Advisor

I am a British citizen with many years of international experience and have worked as a financial advisor for banks in Brazil, USA and Germany. I know first-hand how tough it can be to move to a new country and face the complexities of a different financial system, made even worse when it´s all explained in an unfamiliar language. You want to get on the work which you came here to do and have to spend hours with bureaucratic stuff which can be hard to understand.

I joined CR & Cie as the experts for expats in Germany because I wanted to be with the specialists. Before this I worked for large German financial institutions. They can provide some of the services you need – but they don´t offer a focus on the special requirements of an expatriate. You need a specialist for this.

It´s very satisfying to help people who have newly arrived in Germany in setting up the basics for financial survival, such as health insurance. Then as they settle in to this country their minds turn to their longer term future – starting a family, getting a mortgage, putting some money aside for retirement and so on. I like to accompany my clients during these various stages and can advise them better as I get to know their personal needs and priorities.

I chose Berlin as a location because I enjoy the international atmosphere of this city with new people arriving every week from all the countries of the world to start off the next step of their career – whether as a web designer or lawyer, musician or engineer, marketing specialist or photographer. Berlin has so much to offer and the networking can be really fun – and productive.