Patrick O. Ott aka Starshollow
Patrick O. Ott aka Starshollow

My name is „STARSHOLLOW“….well, this is the name thousands of Expats know me by best, because it is the AKA I have been using when writing information and answering questions on websites like Toytown Germany in the Finance    Forum. Last count is that I posted more than 4.600 times my thoughts, recommendations and information of general interest in the finance forum and elsewhere. Soon I will also start a finance-blog in addition to this website in order to address regularily interesting topics about insurances and finance in Germany.

My professional back-ground is that I finished my 2-year apprenticeship as a banker with a degree in Germany in 1986  (IHK Bankkaufmann).  After some years as a member of parliament (I moved to Saxony in January 1990 right after the German wall came down –here is my Wikipaedia info about it) I studied first in Germany where I earned a master-degree in political science, economics and law in 1998. I then continued my education at Harvard university, where I graduated with a degree in „International Taxation“ from Harvard Law School and an further master-degree in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy-School (Class of 2000)

All the time while working as a member of parliament or studying  I also kept on running my own business which I started already in 1987.

After a short stint in academia and then in support of turning around my father’s struggling companies (woodworking machinery, I grew up with the smell of saw-dust and love it till today) I went back into finance in 2004.

First employed by one of the oldest private banks in Munich (Bankhaus August Lenz), then by American Express Finanzmanagement. During my time at the latter I found out that many Expats were (and still are) unhappy about abysmal services in German finance and started to offer specialized advice only for this group of clients in Germany.

Seeing that this is going into the right direction and keenly aware of my personal short-commings in organization and administration, my wife convinced my that she’d found and run a „real“ broker company based on my skills and know-how. She has been very successfull ever since and I am glad to have contributed my share to this success-story.

Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. has grown in the meantime to a team of 6 advisors plus  office staff and caters today to more than 1.200 existing clients in Germany.

 Next to my daily occupation with finance, I have a long history of teaching strategic negotiation at university level in Germany (among other places the LMU in MUnich, the Bundeswehr-Universität München, the Globe Business College in Munich and the Fachhochschule Neu-Ulm.)  And I am currently accting as elected secretary of the Harvard Club Munich in what little spare time I have left. With two little children I can also relate from personal experience with many of the issues that Expats face when coming with their little ones to Germany.

While I am happy to advise any client on insurance issues – especially health insurance – as a banker I am especially keen to offer investment advice. To this regards I can help you with setting up a solid strategy for investing your capital in such a way that it fits your needs, goals and personal profile. I am also an experienced expert with regards to the transfer of UK pensions (QROPS) and the consolidation or optimization of US-pensions like 401k, ROTH-IRA and more. Due to my living in the USA for considerable time in the past and my degree in international taxation, I am also your top choice when your an US-national living in Germany and you’ll need investment advice that works for you as a resident in Germany while still allowing you to escape tax-reporting problems back in the USA with the IRS.

If you like to get a taste of how such advice can look like and experience the difference of a truly holistic advice process as compared to the usual hard-selling of most German „advisors“, you can use either our CONTACT form or you can reach me directly here:

Cheerio !

PS: I have often been asked where the AKA „Starshollow“ derived from?  When I started my contributions on Toytown in 2006, I was eagerly watching Gillmore Girls with my wife…and somehow that little place in Conneticut intrigued me to use the name.