We are at your service as an independent insurance broker.

As  truly independent financial advisor and broker you can expect us to have primarily your best interest in mind when looking for the best solution/product on the market to meet your needs. Unfortunately the German financial advice market is still much dominated by more sales oriented tied agents or multi-tied agents. Learn the difference – and why it is important for you – HERE.

We’ll assist you in setting up all the insurance you really need while in Germany (except car-insurance). Some of the insurances in Germany are obligatory, others are good or just nice to have, yet others again you can do well without. It is important to have an indepedent advisor on your side to figure out the right package of insurances for your personal needs and wishes.
We are a renowned specialist for health insurance, both German and international. Since finding the right health insurance is usually the first topic/problem Expats face when coming to Germany, this is also the area of independent advice where we can show right at the beginning to you the difference in getting advice and service from us as compared to others… We are also well experienced in dealing with German authorities so that we can support you in getting all health insurance requirements in ship-shape for visa-application or residence-permits etc.
If you are interested in our services, simply use the contact-form to get in touch with us or call us at 0700-22652688 or email us at info@crcie.com to schedule a first talk about your current insurance issues