We are at your service as an independent advisor for Pension planning:
Since you’ll pay a lot of taxes in Germany, why not check what tax subsidized pension plans Germany offers and if they would work for you. At the beginning lies an assessment of your pension goals and what you have already done to achieve them. You can actually see for yourself how you are doing to this regards when using our unique little pension planner which you can find here on our website.

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German pension plans
If you are an employee and somebody told you that a RIESTER plan is no good for you, he or she has not understood the system yet…..read more how well a RIESTER plan can work for you HERE. Unfortunately most of the pension plans in Germany come with heavy front-loaded costs – something that is not good for those Expats who only plan to stay a few years in Germany. But there are ways and means around this, we can help you to find plans with either strongly limited initial costs or even where the costs are only deducted pro rata (pay as you go) and thus work much better for Expats.
Or perhaps a RÜRUP pension plan is better choice for you – especially if you are self-employed it is basically the only real tax saving plan that’ll work for you. The same which was said about the cost structure for RIESTER plans above applies to RÜRUP plans – we can help you find the few ones where initial costs can be strongly limited or even fully avoided. Get more info about the RÜRUP plans, how they work and what tax savings they offer to you HERE.
And all employees in Germany have a legal right to participate in a bAV (corporate pension plan available for all employees). If your company has its own pension plan, we are happy to check it out for you and tell you, if this would work for you, given your very own personal circumstances. And if your company does not offer their own plan, you have the legal right to choose out of a multitude of plans – and we’ll help you to do it in such a way as to limit costs and increase your profits and tax savings. You can find interesting details about this HERE
Of course we offer also all kind of International pension plans as well if you want to keep it flexible and mobile. However, be aware of the fact that there are certain institutions and companies in Germany which target Expats and sell so-called Offshore pension plans like they were the best thing since bread came sliced.  Most of these salespersons (they are not truly independent advisor or broker) and companies misinform about the tax issues around these plan and fail to disclose the full initial costs of these plans, which often mean that you pay for 2-3 years into these plans just to cover the costs and commissions before any money of yours is being invested. You can read more about these plans and how they are most often wrongly sold and misleadingly explained HERE
Finally, if you come from the UK and intend to stay for long or ever in Germany, you might want to carry your pension plan capital from the UK to Germany – which is possible if you use a QROPS-approved pension plan in Germany with no tax penalties to you. We are experienced in those transfers and happy to help you – read more about this HERE.