We are at your service as independent advisor for holistic  strategies and wealth management:

“Nobody cares how much you know before they know how much you care” (Theodore Roosevelt).

This has been the motto for our advice for many years now and guides us in serving our clients with
insurance advice, pension planning and investment advice alike.

We offer holistic financial advice that incorporates all important needs.
As your investment advisor, you expect us to KNOW. We should know about markets and about how
to invest your money in the best possible way. That should indeed always be a given. However, our
approach to being your investment advisor goes further than this: because we CARE about you and
your future, we have the following sound principles ingrained into our advice:

We want to help you save time – by ensuring that investing money does not also mean
having to invest large amounts of time in years to come. Spending sufficient time at the
beginning in order to develop a solid long‐term investment strategy together with us saves
you a lot of time in the future. Therefore, together we will work out an investment strategy
for the future that you can stick with. Only if your life situation or your goals change
significantly does the strategy need reassessment.

We want to help you save money – by developing an investment strategy for you that is
based on looking to reduce investment costs significantly – which will lead to higher returns
in the end.

We want to help you save yourself worries – by working out an investment strategy for you
that fits exactly to your needs, your goals and your affinity or adversity to risk. Because the
best‐performing investment is for naught if, you wake up every night in a sweat because the
risks involved just do not fit to you. A good investment strategy should be transparent and
easy to understand

You can read our full here:  Investment philosophy C R & Cie. 2017

And our investment advice is entirely fee-based. That makes it very transparent and you

can find all details about our fees here: CR&Cie – our services and our fees for you – 2018Jan