We are at your service as independent advisor for holistic  strategies and wealth management:
Do you have capital to bring over to Germany or newly earned income, a major bonus you want to invest  wisely and  with solid profits?  We will work out strategies with and for you that fit your individual needs and personal profile. Whether it is mutual funds, investment funds in stock, ETFs, private equity, hedgefunds or tangible assets (closed ended funds) you are interested in – talk to us and see what advice we can offer.
Investment advice requires mutual trust and a long-term cooperation – when we advise clients about investment, it is usually with a 10+ year time horizon in mind. While that does not mean that some of the investments should not be scheduled for a much shorter period of time as part of the whole, we like to set up your strategy with long-term goals in mind.
In order to show you how investment advice from us is different to what the average bank or “Finanzberater” can or will offer to you, please follow the links to our info about our “Holistic approach” and our unique “Dovetail advice system”. Or simple contact us and schedule a first talk or meeting to see and feel the difference of working together with an advisor who really cares….