Self-employed who are just about to move to Germany, just set up residence in Germany  or have been living in Germany without legally compliant health insurance for some time face a number of very unpleasant challenges regarding their obligatory health insurance coverage:

  • very often you do not have access to the German public health insurance system
  • While you have to have a law-compliant health insurance, the alternative to public health insurance, German private health insurances are not exactly eager to sign you up because the consider you to be too much of a credit risk and health riks (without sufficient data about you).

Because self-employed Expat face such a challenge in setting up the right and legally compliant health insurance, ASEIG (the associaton of self-employed Expats in Germany)  has created a special group tariff exclusively for ASEIG members with the HALLESCHE, one of the leading German private health insurance companies. We at Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. are the selected and designated broker for ASEIG and can assist you to join this attractive tarif. Get more information directly at the ASEIG website or ask for details and quotes with us HERE