As described above, there are several major selection criteria for Expats coming to Germany for health insurance

1. Your nationality (i.e. EU or Non-EU)

2. Your previous health insurance (state insurance in another EU-memberstate or not )

3. Occupational status (employee, public-servant, self-employed, student, artist, no employment/retired/other )


Any combination of the above will lead to different results about which kind of health insurance you can legally select at all in order to fulfill your obligation to have adequate health insurance while being a resident of Germany.

We will check out what legal options you have in all directions and inform you accordingly.

Once you know that, the next step is – if you have several legal options – to decide which ones are best for you. At the latest this is when you ought to get professional and independent advice because these are crucial decision, usually with long-term consequences.

If your head is starting to explode now already and you don’t want to read any further: just contact us directly HERE for advice custom tailored to your needs.