As an insurance broker, we are not only offering you standard (yet important) insurance coverage but also special insurance that might be interesting for you only in very special circumstances in your life.

Business insurance

– i.e. coverage you need while running your IT or consulting business, for instance, you will find in a separete area HERE

Here are a few examples of what insurance might be important for you:


Yes, we know, preparing for a wedding you are far from thinking about such earthly things as insurance. But there are still certain things around a wedding that would be good to cover for little money. Such as having to cancel because a loved close family member dies shortly beforehand. Or problems with a lost/damages gown. If the wedding is to take place in the open, you might want to have coverage for postponing due to weather conditions. all this can be covered for a reasonable price. Find more info about this HERE


Clubs and Associations 3rd party liability insurance

Many Expats enjoy meeting Expats in organized clubs or assoziations in Germany. Such a club is most often organized as a „Verein“. What many people do not know is that if you are a member of the board of the club, all board members are jointly and individually liable for any claims against the club. Thus, if during an event (see below) a damage occurs or people are injured, you might face personal financial ruin. Or if you order in good faith some new software for the club and in turns out that this software does not work. or if there are suddenly tax claims against the club. A simple 3rd party liability insurance for the Verein can take care of all this – something all the other members will certainly understand as necessary. You can get info for such an insurance and sign up right away HERE

Event insurance

Whether you are organzing an event, be that a concert or a large sport event at a school – if something goes seriously wrong, you might be held liable personally. Unless you or the club/association or the school or whoever is organizing such an event is well insured. We can offer you custom tailored coverage that can even include coverage against bad weather (obviously the latter coverage cannot be obtained last minute but requires set up a certain time beforehand). For more info and quotes, please contact us HERE