For foreign employers who run a branch or subsidiary in Germany, we offer advice on fringe benefits required under German laws (company pension schemes), in order to avoid expensive liabilities later.

Employees have a legal right to demand participation in a company pension scheme, if only by self-defered contributions from their gross-salary. Starting 2019, though, employer will have to co-contribute around 15 % of the currently (2018) max. 260 EUR per month that employees are entitled to put into their own company pension plans.

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We can also advise you on tax- and other benefits for you and your employees in Germany as well as attractive fringe benefits. You can get a first idea and overview from reading our company pension guide for employers: Company pension fringe benefits – 2017 version FINAL  We can custom-tailor a company pension and fringe benfits system for you that matches what you offer to your employees in all other countries around the world (with some necessary local differences, of course)

This can help you to find and bring in new employees, especially if you operate in a sector where the competition for the best staff is fierce. And if you are planning on sending your staff from abroad to Germany, there are also a number of insurance and finance issues we can assist with that relocation agencies usually do not cover.
For German companies and their HRM, we are an excellent partner if you employ, or are planning to employ, Expats. While most employers today use the services of relocation agencies to smooth the transition for Expats, this is often not enough to overcome the fears and hesitation of potential candidates.

If you browse through some of the Expat forums in Germany, you’ll see myriad questions on taxation, insurance, pensions and real estate. Financial matters are high on the list of issues that Expats are concerned with when considering a move to Germany. You can ease these doubts and make the decision to join your company all the more attractive by providing specialised and independent financial advisers to go through these issues with them.
Example: Existing company pension plans are often designed to benefit the average German employee, and don’t take into account Expats who may only stay in Germany for 5 or 10 years. In such a case, we can advise on how to alter or extend your existing company pension scheme to make it more attractive for Expats.

Through our extensive network, we can also offer qualified tax-advisers to combine with our services so that all financial issues your Expat employees might have are taken care of.
Last but not least, for German employers, we can also offer support in the hiring process, especially if you have not yet had much experience or success in adding Expats to your team.