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The options for health insurance can be opaque, and an educated decision is often hard to reach.

If it eases your pain, it’s the same for Germans, many of whom have made costly mistakes in the past. Currently at least around 80.000 people(and some sources assume yet another 100.000 more) in Germany are illegally without health insurance, and more than 113.000 are stuck in a “Notlagen-Tarif”, which pays only in dire emergencies.
Since 2009 it is obligatory for every resident in Germany to have adequate health insurance, according to Sec. 193 Subsection 3 VVG (insurance contract law). There were more reforms in 2011and 2013, and consequently any online information older than January 2014 is outdated. Holding a foreign health insurance and also most international health insurances is not sufficient to comply with these laws!
We are the experts for health insurance for Expats – a field which requires a specific skill-set not possessed by most German advisers. Keep in mind the difference between restricted advice and independent brokers (read more HERE). Insurance advice in Germany is mostly commission-based, but fee based advice is also available in some cases from insurance brokers and in general thru „Versicherungsberater“, i.e. insurance consultants. Health insurance solutions should neither be left to luck nor entrusted to just anyone, lest you should pay dearly for the wrong solution, either now or in the future.
(This is especially true if you are an employee in Germany).
There are five main types of health insurance in Germany:
1. Public health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung “GKV”)
2. Private substitutive health insurance ( Private Krankenvollversicherung “PKV”)
3. International private health insurance (which can in some cases be compliant to German law, too)
4. Expat insurances (for short stays only)
5. Private supplementary health insurance
You can find a brief description of each on the left hand side or by clicking on the links in the text above.

The kind of health insurance you can choose is determined by several factors:
I. Nationality (EU-citizen vs. non-EU foreigners requiring visa)
II. Occupational status (employee vs self-employed/freelance vs. public servant vs. others)
III. Family status (single vs. married or with children)
IV. Health status (chronic conditions, serious medical problems in recent years)
V. Other factors (planned duration of stay in Germany, income level)

The many possible combination of the above factors are making health insurance advice such a complex and critical field that in the end can only be properly solved by experts.
Have a look on the left to find which category most fits your situation. If you don’t want to wade through all that info, you can contact us through the contact form, send us an email at or call us directly at 0700-226525688.

We’ll be happy to spare you the headache this business normally causes.