Expats in Germany require financial advice in several fields, which are more often than not interlocked – which is why a fully comprehensive independent financial advice has to include all of the below if meant seriously. Our holistic approach in giving advice to our clients include the following financial services:

Insurance advice:

***: These insurances are recommended as essential and „must-have“ for all residents in Germany by the consumer protection agencies in Germany.

  • we are also offering insurance control services. We can scan and archive all your insurance documents in Germany. You have access thru your smartphone or computer to a digital folder. And we analyze and optimize your existing insurances yearly – all for a small monthly fee!  for more info click HERE

Pension planning / tax saving

  • German tax saving pension plans for employees
  • German tax saving pension plans for self-employed/freelancers
  • Company pension schemes
  • QROP pension transfers to Germany
  • International pension plans