As mentioned above, in the following we list a number of other financial advisors whom we either know personally well enough or have heard enough about them to feel comfortable recommending them. Of course we will always be happy to advise you ourselves. But sometimes you might want to have an advisor nearer to you than we can be (check our „Team of Advisors“ for Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin). Or, as has happened sometimes in the past, our good reputation leads to so many inquiries at one time that we have troubles following up in a timely manner. If that happens, please accept our appologies…. sometimes the old proverb „no good deed goes unpunished“ is all too true ūüėÜ

NRW/ D√ľsseldorf (and from there all-over Germany)

Mike Woodiwiss is a very experienced insurance broker who has helped virtually thousands of Expats in the past 30-odd years. His particular expertise lies in health insurance (international health insurances especially) and he advises a number of international schools and their staff in Germany on insurance issues. His son Dominic has now entered the company and thus people in Nordrhein-Westfalen and all accross Germany  will continue to have a Woodiwiss on their side for many years to come.

Spectrum International
Auf dem Kirchkamp 8
41844 Wegberg

Tel: International. +49-2432-80-365
Fax: 02432-80-266
Mob: International: +49-2432-80-266

Frankfurt I

John Townsend and Cathy Matz-Townsend are located near Frankfurt and offer both insurance and investment advice to Expats. While I have never met them personally, I have heard only good things about them yet and therefore feel comfortable in recommending them. Of course we ourselves have a number of clients in Frankfurt, too, and travel every few months to visit them personally. Eventually we will be opening an office in Frankfurt, too. But until then and if you want to have someone close by in the Frankfurt area, these two are the ones to contact:

Matz-Townsend Finanzplanung
Hainstraße 2
61476 Kronberg
Phone +49 6173-995020
Fax +49 6173 995022
Skype: cathy.matz-townsend

Frankfurt II:

Martin Brown  & Stephanie Brown run First Financial Direct Group OHG. Located in the South of Frankfurt they cover Mortgages, property Investment as well as Insurance. With 24 years of experience they are real pros in their field.

First Financial Direct Group OHG
An der Aue 19
63263 Neu-Isenburg

T: 06102-3703493
F: 06102-3688591


John Gunn is a very special character, a great guy who has been there and done that – and an excellent, fair and unbiased insurance broker! Both he and our very own „Starshollow“ are constantly writing advice on Toytown Germany in the Finance Forum and have thus built up an impeccable reputation as people who understand Expats and know what Expats need in Germany in insurance and financial matters. If you look for someone up north/in the Hamburg area to meet personally, John Gunn would be our warmest recommendation for you.

John Gunn & Partner
Radickestraße 28
21079 Hamburg

Skype: john.gunn3