For residents in Germany: We have helped numerous expats in the past find a suitable mortgage in Germany when purchasing property (and sometimes we can even help find a good property, too). The mortgage market is a lot different to many countries abroad, especially as 95% or 100% mortgages are not as common as for instance in the UK or US.  Getting high LTV (loan-to-value) ratios depends on occupational status (employees and public servants stand a higher chance than the self-employed of getting high LTV percentages). Banks also require you to have already lived for a while in Germany so that you have tax reports and proven credit history here in Germany. For expats with a visa it can also be hard to get a mortgage until you have a permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis). But it all depends on a large number of factors and parameters that need to be checked.

In order to evaluate your chances of getting a good mortgage, we’ll need some info about you and about the property first. If you care to contact us, we’ll send you a Financial Status form to fill out and send back to us – this is the basis for evaluating if you are eligible to get a mortgage and what volume of mortgage you can expect.

For an initial analysis of what kind of mortgages (amount, interest rate etc.) you can get, we’ll charge a flat fee of 390,00 EUR. Said fee will be reimbursed if you later sign up for your mortgage through our brokering/assistance as we shall then get a commission from the banks involved.

We can also check existing mortgage quotes for you and tell you if we can find better mortgage quotes on the German market. That service, too, can be ordered from us for a flat fee of 390 EUR and the same reimbursement rules apply.

BTW: we also recommend checking at the beginning of a mortgage analysis your insurance situation, i.e. if you have good enough coverage against the most important risks in life. This check comprises mainly the following crucially important insurances: health insurance, third-party liability insurance,  income protection coverage (like critical illness or occupational disability insurance) and in some cases also term life insurance. And once you are the proud owner of your property, we can also assist with all necessary insurances for a real estate owner, like building insurance, indemnity insurance and legal liability insurance. In the end you’ll find us a full-service partner for you in all financial matters.

For non-residents/foreign investors:  We have also helped many non-residents in the past to find a suitable mortgage in Germany while purchasing property. In some cases we have also helped with the due diligence in the property selection and evaluation.

However you need to understand from the beginning that the best you can hope for is a LTV of around 50% with regards to the purchase price. Since you also have to bear some costs on top of the purchase price (like notary costs, land registration fees, tax and, if you get the property through a real estate agent, fees for them as well) you’ll have to budget around 60% of the purchase price to be paid directly out of your pocket. Only for properties with a value in excess of 3 million euros which are fully (or mostly) rented out already can we sometimes get a different financing based on rental income.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you in order to help you finance your property investment in Germany, please contact us directly.