Pension planning is not simple even when you are just living and working in one country. This is because it requires some strategic work: first defining your status quo, then determining your goals for the future and then finally setting up a strategy that is going to help you reach that goal in the future from your current starting point. A good and dedicated IFA (independent financial advisor) can achieve that for you.

However, expats face an even more complicated situation than others because they often have existing pension plans or state pensions in multiple countries, will now add some new ones here in Germany and need an experienced advisor to make heads and tails out of that convoluted collection of pension plans. Plus: certain foreigners like, for instance, US nationals who live in Germany, find their selection of local pension plans severely limited due to taxation and regulation problems here in Germany or at home.

This is where the experts from CR&Cie. come in as your special advisor: we have vast experience in advising clients from all over the world who live in Germany. We know what a SIPP or ISA is, or how a QROPS transfer can work (and how, in a neutral and unbiased assessment process, it can be determined if such a transfer is actually in your best interests or not). We also have experience in advising clients who have a 401(k) or Roth IRA and can help clients who have those to consolidate or to manage them for you.

It all starts, though, with a status check of your current financial situation. Added to that will be a discussion of your goals, using for instance as a starting point our simple but neat  „Pension Planner Light“ for expats which you can find and download here.

Our pension advice for you can be either the standard commission-based approach (which is still the prevailing method in Germany) or an entirely fee-based approach. You can learn more about our fees here: CR&Cie – our services and our fees for you – Jan 2018

Please gather more information about the different German and international pension options by browsing through the information we provide further below.

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