Around two-thirds of all households in Germany have Contents insurance, though not everyone needs it.

Other insurances like 3rd party liability insurance or income protection /occupational disability insurance should always have a higher priority.

It is, though,  most important to those for whom loss of home contents would be especially disastrous.

Contents insurance covers damage through fire, supply water, lightning strike, explosion, burglary, theft, robbery or storm.

Do you need it?

In 2016 (latest statistics available)  around 140.000 insurance cases in Germany were matters of contents insurance cases caused byBreak-ins/theft with a total insurance reimbursment of 470 Million EUR

Total damages settled by insurance companies for the content of appartments and houses in Germany exceeded 1.37 Billion EUR..including total damages after fires and floods.

Coverage for valuables.
Such valuables as cash, savings books, jewellery, mintage, gold, sterling cutlery and art works are all liable to be stolen or damaged.
Insurers mostly only cover for 20% of the agreed insurance sum for valuables. You need to check the tariff if you want to have higher values insured.

For cash, the reimbursement limit is often capped at €1,500 and security papers at € 3,000, unless they are in a safe.

Coverage for electronic equipment.
Contents are almost always covered against damage caused by lightning, shorts or over-voltage.

There are many other important areas of coverage that might work for you- for instant for expensive bicycles.

Let us help you find them. For professional, independent advice, contact us HERE

And as your broker we help you making sure that for instance your door-locks are fully compliant with the safe-requirements set in the terms and conditions of your own content insurance

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