If you are a member of the public health insurance, you might want to improve their coverage with a private supplementary health insurance. This is an insurance that pays on top of what the public insurance covers for benefits that are not included there.

Travel Health insurance: It is imperative to have an additional travel health insurance if you travel outside the EU with your public health insurance coverage because outside the EU, your public health insurance offers no coverage at all. If anything happens to you, you’ll have to bear the entire costs all by yourself. Even within the EU, German public health insurance will only repay what would have been paid for the same treatment in Germany. If in the country you are travelling to that particular treatment is more expensive, you’ll be paying the difference.

If you only travel for holidays a few times per year, a simple year-long policy that covers trips up to 60 days duration is usually sufficient and available at low cost. If you are planning longer stays, special insurances to cover that are available. You can find more info and quotes on our website HERE.


Dental supplementary coverage: payments for dental treatments, especially for dental replacements, is the area in which coverage of public health insurance has deteriorated the most in the past 10-20 years. If you are planning to stay in Germany long-term, dental supplementary insurance is strongly recommended.


Inpatient/hospital supplementary coverage: this is mainly a nice-to-have insurance. It offers you treatment by the head of department (Chefarzt), free choice of hospital (otherwise you’ll have to go to the hospital your doctor sends you to or take over some share of costs) and 1-bed or 2-bed-room (the latter you can always pay for yourself at the hospital). We find this kind of coverage good and important for women planning to have children, as it is a good feeling to be treated as a private patient during and after delivery at the hospital. And this kind of coverage can be important for self-employed: if you have to stay in hospital but are otherwise „functioning“ for your business, it is good to have your own single-bed-room with full internet access etc. so that you can continue to run your business while in hospital.

For everyone else it is something you might want – in which case we are happy to help you find the right tariff for you. Or you don’t want that. Which is fine, you can stay at a German hospital also without this and get treated well.


Outpatient supplementary coverage: this, too, is only nice-to-have. Most such tariffs offer additional coverage for natural healing or other forms of treatment that are not sponsored by public health insurance. Or you have the right to be treated like a private patient, get coverage for glasses, etc.


Just like with fully comprehensive health insurances, there is a vast variety of tariffs and prices. We as your independent broker will first determine what kind of coverage you might need and want, then we’ll look for the best solution on the insurance market for you. If you’d like to get some information or personal quotes, contact us HERE.