Does legal expenses insurance make sense?
“Before the court and on the high seas one is in God’s hands“. No-one knows in advance how a process will end. Car drivers or employees can assert their rights without fear of the costs if they have the right insurance.

Whether at work, in traffic or amongst your neighbours, wherever people encounter each other differences of opinion or even heated quarrels can quickly arise. Before you know it, you can find yourself in court. And that is not only annoying but can also quickly become expensive. Alongside the fees of your lawyer, various other costs can also be accrued, such as for the trial itself as well as for any required experts, referees and witnesses.
In contrast, those who have effective legal expenses insurance are well positioned – not only in legal but also in financial terms. The legal expenses insurance assumes for you the costs of a legal dispute, so that you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects in addition to the irritating legal altercation itself.
Building blocks of legal expenses insurance
Owners of legal expenses insurance have the choice between different services. One of these is private legal expenses insurance. This grants legal protection in the event of a legal dispute in your private life, for example trouble with public authorities or disagreements regarding sales contracts. Employment legal expenses insurance in contrast offers legal protection for your professional life, such as in the event of disputes with your employer.
Anyone wanting to be well armed for differences of opinion with other road users is served well by motor legal expenses insurance. There is also suitable legal protection for conflicts concerning rented apartments or houses: tenants can safeguard themselves with legal expenses insurance for renters, while legal expenses insurance for landlords offers insurance protection for landlords. These different building blocks can sometimes be arranged individually and sometimes in combination.
Rate variations for families and companies
Especially with insurance that covers different areas of life, it is important that the insurance protection can be adjusted to one’s personal situation. Therefore, couples who are married or cohabiting can take out a joint family legal expenses insurance policy. Unmarried children also benefit under certain conditions from family legal expenses insurance until they turn 25.
Tradesmen, entrepreneurs and freelancers gain legal and financial support in disputes related to their professional work with business legal expenses insurance. This insurance can be taken out not only for individuals but also for entire businesses.